My New Niece

I have had a very long bout of writer’s block over the last few months. Mainly because of things happening in life that I felt the need to write about, but it not being the right time to do so. I’m glad I waited though, because now I can write about this with a clear mind and a full heart.

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Who To Look To – Part #1

“Therefore encourage one another and build one another up, just as you are doing.” – 1 Thessalonians 5:11 ESV

This is the beginning of a series I’m really excited about! I’m surrounded by some really amazing people in my life; most of whom I really believe have a lot to offer this world. So I’d love to begin to share the things I admire and love about them, in the hope of us all learning a little something. I believe this is also a great way for me to reflect and really appreciate having them in my life! Continue reading “Who To Look To – Part #1”

The Strength of Sisterhood

Middle child syndrome is a concept that everyone has heard of. But to be honest, I think I got really lucky being the middle sister.

I am surrounded either side by a like-minded and lifelong friend. We share mannerisms, facial expressions and quirks, but still all have a different relationship with one another. We have a united and unique bond. Not just for sisters in general, but for us three alone as well.

This is because there is only one of each person in this world. The three of us were created to be precisely unique. We share hints of similarities and dashes of differences, but are joined together as one family.

The bond we have may shake at times, but it is unbreakable until the end.

We are connected; just us, only us.

We are sisters.


xo Zoe

Moving Out: Here’s What To Expect!

So you’re moving out! Yay! Good for you! Your parents are feeling proud, you’re feeling excited, it’s just good times ahead, right?

But just hang on one second while we sort out a few things first…

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Travelling Tasmania! (A Photo Series)

My husband Joe and I began talking about going to Tasmania last year. I have family down there and even though they’ve been the furthest away, they’re some of the closest to us.

Yet I’d never visited???

SO, after putting it off due to finances, timing issues, and whatever other excuses I thought of, we decided to just do it! We booked tickets three weeks before and were SO excited! Continue reading “Travelling Tasmania! (A Photo Series)”

Instagram Culture

I believe instagram is an integral part of getting my blog out into the world. It’s also the main way to really get to know me on a more real and deeper level.

I made a post on instagram a few days ago that had been on my mind for quite some time. I decided why not share it here as well!

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My Aussie Outback Adventure

“Nothing says Australia quite like our Outback. The open spaces that seem to stretch on forever tell the story of the exploration and development of our wide brown land, and reflect Australia’s pioneering spirit and unique identity.”
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The Woman On The Train

It was just another work day and I was going about my usual commute. Nothing different. The same street I park in, the same quick walk to meet the train, the same quietness amongst the other workers. Everyone content in the disconnect from each other. Continue reading “The Woman On The Train”

What’s In a Name: ‘Your Faithful Friend’

I think what held me back from starting this blog up was the ultimate question…


Yes I could have gone with my own name and leave it at that – but I just felt I wanted something more. (Also, my name is Zoe, and we all hear a lot about the famous Zoella/Zoe so I’m not even going to try and compete with her folks). Continue reading “What’s In a Name: ‘Your Faithful Friend’”


I like when I know just a little bit more about the random person behind the keyboard, so I thought I’d do some get to know me questions! And what better photo to include than a slightly out of focus one of me sitting on the floor, our clothes rack behind us, and our dusty fan next to me. Continue reading “QUESTION TIME”